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Tennis and Sports Court Maintenance

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Keeping a good standard of court maintenance is essential for ensuring that the maximum life expectancy of any surface is reached. With neglect surfaces can deteriorate at alarming rates, leaving them unplayable and unattractive.

The main issue when maintaining sports surfaces is moss. It is very simple to handle, however must be controlled regularly to avoid getting a grip on your surface and causing potential ‘pits’. The other main contenders are algae, which makes surfaces slippery and unplayable, leaves, which again make the surface slippery and can also attack the bitumen binder within the tarmac depending on their acidity and bird droppings, which burn through the bitumen.

Macadam Surfaces:-

Annual high pressure washing with our custom built machines capable of up to 4500psi can clean even the dirtiest surfaces in just a single day. Our expert operators ensure the thorough removal of all dirt, moss and deleterious matter whilst taking particular care not to disturb the surface (as far as possible). This operation is self contained other than the need for an external water tap. A chemical is then applied to try and help battle the re-growth, although this will still occur within a year.

Day-to-day in-house maintenance will also be required.

For a more detailed scope on the maintenance of the macadam sports surfaces please download the following maintenance booklet.

Maintenance of macadam courts

Synthetic Turf Surfaces:-

Annual power brushing is required to remove the dirt and moss that will have accumulated within the fibre and sand layer. Re-dressing the surface with fresh sand to replace that which is removed when power brushing and through the year’s general usage. Chemical treatment to help minimise re-growth will be applied upon completion of the above, although this will not prevent re-growth.
Day-to-day in-house maintenance will also be required.
For a more detailed scope on the maintenance of the synthetic sports surfaces please download the following maintenance booklet.

Maintenance of synthetic turf courts

power brushing synthetic turf court

Chiltern operative power washing court

Power washing machine

power brushing synthetic turf court

showing before and after power washing

Macdam Court Renovation Process

Before and after processThe Chiltern court renovation process is a tough, attractive and economically advantageous alternative to resurfacing for macadam tennis, multi-use and sports courts. This service has been specially designed to extend the surface life by approximately five years.

Court renovation consists of applying a polyurethane based compound to a court surface prior to the stones loosening, in order to arrest deterioration and extend the surface life. This compound can also be applied to new surfaces in order to enhance the playing characteristics and life expectancy.

This process leaves the court ready for play in four days

Once the bitumen binder starts to break down, the surface begins to fret – loose grit or stones appear, moss and weeds start to grow.   Our renovation process can remedy this immediately.   Firstly, we use a pressure washer to remove all debris.   Once the surface is sound, we carry out any remedial work which is necessary then apply the polyurethane binder.

The treatment is then finished off with 2 coats of high viscosity acrylic paint with exceptional anti slip properties and line markings as required.


Resurfacing - Tennis and Sports Courts

We offer an efficient and cost effective method of resurfacing sports courts to the highest standards. Whether macadam or synthetic turf our experts will hand lay all of our courts using the latest in laser technology to set in levels and test performance.

Macadam Resurfacing:-

Chiltern sports promote the use of a material called Leisuretex. This is, in our expert opinion, the finest quality macadam surface available in the UK for multi-sport and tennis courts.

showing care taken to protect clients’ gardenWhen is the right time to resurface?

There are a few signs to look for when deciding which course of action to take. Firstly is the court losing stones and beginning to ‘fret’ in certain areas? Secondly if you were to look along the white lines do they undulate? If either of these two are true then our advice is to resurface as soon as possible.

Why resurface?

The courts surface is laid with very precise levels and to strict tolerances to ensure that all games are not to be ruined by irregular ball bouncing or loss of foot. When the stones are becoming lose, there is a high likeliness of slipping on the surface and potential injury. With this to one side it is important to resurface at this point to ensure that the resurface process is as simple as possible. Delays can lead to the need for a ‘double-layer’ resurface which is obviously more costly and avoidable.

How is the court(s) resurfaced?

The existing macadam surface is cleaned and prepared to receive a new layer of macadam laid directly over it. There is no need to waste money removing the existing surface when it can add to the stability of the facility over years to come. A bitumen emulsion is laid over the existing surface to ensure good adhesion, followed by a single layer of ‘surfacing’ macadam. The court is then left to cure for approximately 3 weeks to allow oils to disperse prior to being colour sprayed and line marked.

What about the double-layer process?

This will generally only apply when the existing court has deteriorated to such a degree that a single layer of macadam will not suffice in order to re-establish the required court levels and tolerances. However it will also apply when converting an existing Gra-Green, Clay or Red-Gras court. Unfortunately where these facilities have sometimes been built incorrectly in the past a double layer resurface is often required to ‘stiffen’ the court construction. We take great care in ensuring that the works cause minimal disruption to any surrounding features or landscaping as illustrated, however if any damage is caused we will always re-instate to the highest standards.


laying tarmac at Roedean emporary white lines being applied to private macadam court