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Tennis and Sports Court Fencing

We at Chiltern believe that the fencing system is the second most important aspect of the design of any sports facility, whether domestic or commercial, second only to the surfacing.

It is vital that this is given great thought at design stage to ensure that the optimum style of fence is installed for the specific purpose of the facility.
We offer a wide range of systems briefly outlined below. All our systems are available in a range of RAL colours, both painted or powder coated and can be tailor-made to suit the location, specification and style of a given project.

Chainlink Fencing:-  
What: This traditional and common system consists of a metal wire, powder coated in a plastic ‘shell’, thread in diamond formations, supported on angle iron or tubular fencing posts. This system is primarily used for tennis, netball and basketball courts, where there is no desire for any rebound qualities. It is a low cost system that is simple to maintain and provides an attractive/unobtrusive fence to contain your court.

When/Where: This system is best used in secured grounds, (domestic, schools, clubs), where vandalism isn’t a major consideration. This system thrives in tennis clubs as the design allows it to ‘deaden’ the balls to prevent (as much as possible) the ball rolling back into the court area.


  • Low installation costs.
  • Unobtrusive/attractive.
  • Versatile design (drop-sections, US corners).
  • Quiet.


Weldmesh Fencing:-  
What: This system is a thicker (than chainlink) metal wire welded into square shapes using spot welds on all joints between vertical and horizontal wires. It offers a stronger fence and is supported generally on ‘box-section’ fencing posts.

When/Where: It has been a popular system within schools, again where vandalism isn’t a major concern. It offers a stronger and more durable system than chainlink fencing.


  • Heightened security.
  • More robust.
  • Longer life expectancy.
  • Easier to ‘patch repair’.


galvanised weldmesh
Rigid Weldmesh Panels:-  
What: This system uses far thicker steel again welded at the joints of horizontal and vertical bars. The frequency of steel bars can be increased to allow for an even more secure system and can even offer a degree of rebound quality.

When/Where: Rapidly growing in popularity, this system is becoming increasingly used in schools and open spaces where vandalism is a consideration. A noted increase in its use in the domestic market couples the launch of the Domestic Use Games Area. Ideal for multi-sports courts.


  • Superior strength.
  • Versatile design (can be strengthened easily).
  • Long life expectancy.
  • Vandal resistant.
  • Has a degree of rebound quality.
  • Easily repaired (panel system).
  • Ideal for multi-sports.


What: Combines the rigid weldmesh panels set above a recognised ‘358’ rebound panel.

When/Where: A more expensive system to be installed where the emphasis is on providing a ‘sports’ facility. This system is increasingly popular in schools, councils and sports clubs. One of the most durable systems that offers ‘true’ rebound for football.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Long life expectancy.
  • Offers ‘true’ rebound.
  • Easily repaired (panel system).
  • Ideal for multi-sports.


Power Play
What: This is a strong, ’one-stop’ fence, consisting of steel flooring panels welded between thick tubular posts to create an almost ‘vandal-proof’ system designed to be installed and re-visited very rarely.

When/Where: Its most popular usage appears to be in Parish councils where installation costs are manageable however maintenance costs are less frequent. It is considered more where the emphasis is less on ‘sport’ and more on ‘recreation’. We have installed these where vandalism is a high priority.


  • Highly vandal resistant.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Long life expectancy.
  • Offers a rebound quality.
  • Anticipated minimum maintenance.


heavy duty
We understand that in some situations the fencing can be considered an eye-sore and so have developed methods of making the fence more pleasing to the eye. Below are some examples of the ‘drop-section’ that is very popular on the domestic front along with the ‘US corners’, which both help to lessen the fences impact on the surrounding landscape. These combined with the ability to colour the posts and fencing green, black or any other RAL colour have gone a long way to ensuring the fence can be an attractive addition to the facility and location.
tubular with top rail     weldmesh


Guttman StadiumWe can offer floodlighting systems that satisfy every requirement involved with sports lighting, from initial design concepts to planning and installation. We have designed and installed systems in even the most sensitive of areas.

There are many ways in which lighting systems can be adapted to meet individual requirements, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your proposed scheme and how we can provide the right system to suit the specific location.

Planning permission is an obligatory part of floodlighting any external area, this process generally takes 8 weeks. We offer the ‘planning design pack’, which comes complete with all the relevant information required for the planning department, free of charge.

All of our systems are installed to NICEIC standards and are certified appropriately, our sister company Chiltern Construction are approved NICEIC electrical contractors.

Spencer Recreation Ground Holmemead School Bovingdon Primary School

Rebound Walls

REBO wall is a high quality hitting wall.

It transforms the way tennis and football is played and taught. Made in the UK REBO wall is ideal for communities without tennis courts as they are easy to install - playgrounds, schools, clubs, community centres, social spaces, skateparks, even car-parks - anywhere. For more information view their web site.





We supply and install a full range of quality sports equipment for tennis, netball, basketball and small sided football.  Please contact us for more
information or to request a quotation for your specific requirements.